Hvert år er det muligt for udsatte familier at søge om julehjælp hos flere forskellige velgørende organisationer. Der er mange forskellige julehjælpsordninger – du skal i den sammenhæng være opmærksom på ansøgningsfrister.



Hvad er julehjælp?

Christmas help can be sought from many different organizations, which also means that there is a big difference between the help. In e.g. The Red Cross usually offers their Christmas help in a gift card to a supermarket. The gift card thus allows financially disadvantaged families to buy in for a real Christmas Eve. In some families they want duck steps on the table, in others the pork roast is at the top of the wish list.


Christmas help creates Christmas cheer

It often happens that the parents who get help choose to spend some of the money on some extra fun. To create a special Christmas mood via e.g. Christmas decorations with clay and ornaments, candles, etc. as well as small Advent gifts for the children – can create joy and Christmas cheer.


Why do organizations hand out Christmas help?

Many organizations want everyone to have a merry and merry Christmas. All children should be allowed to have a merry Christmas. It really means a lot to Danish families, it is here that they gather and have fun, so it is important that families with children have a little extra during the Christmas season.

Studies also show that needy families with children can experience extra isolation at Christmas. While many children and adults are very excited about Christmas, the holiday season for vulnerable families is often fraught with extra worries as they cannot afford Christmas dinner, Christmas tree or gifts for the children. Therefore, Christmas help can be a great help to many families.


Local Christmas Help

Local Christmas Help

During the Christmas season, many local branches do various activities to help vulnerable families have a merry Christmas. Some families will receive gift certificates others will have pre-packaged Christmas basket, Christmas tree or Christmas presents for the children.


Need Christmas Help?

The Red Cross has in recent years distributed an increasing number of gift cards and Christmas baskets. Last year, they provided assistance to 11,750 families, and they expect to gather Christmas help for at least 12,000 financially needy families this year.

Many ask if Christmas help is also given to families who do not have Christmas? The answer is “Yes”. Many organizations do not believe that Christmas is the very reason why Christmas is to be distributed, but that Christmas is something special, which is why they want to give all vulnerable families the opportunity to enjoy something during Christmas.



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